lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

per far contento il M.A.R.T.A


MVH x Beak (Simply an incredible Work)

Preview of the upcoming MVH x Beak collaboration
4 x Painted by both LASH AND John of Beak with black beard !
3 x Unpainted moss green vinyl with BRIGHT purple 10 inch beard !
1x 1 off Siamese Geek HP Custom by John of Beak !!!!! ( this this is CREEEEEPY)
Details coming VERY soon, release set for 2/5/11 !!!

Dai Kaiju Card Monsters Custom by Paul Kaiju for ToyShow@AlternativeCafe ,Nakano

Dai Kaiju Card Monsters Custom Toy Show @ Alternative Cafe , Nakano Tokyo
Febuary 8th - 20th 2011

sabato 29 gennaio 2011

Lottery Mandarake Exclusive Bear Model All Kaiju Collection Kirara & Sound Gila

Order form and prices will be available from Feb. 4th, 2011 (Fri) PM0:00 - Feb. 6th (Sun) PM8:00 @ Mandarake Shop 



Warui Inu offered by email lottery (it'a new joke?)

This bad dog is the best friend of Boryoku Genjin and all other kaiju whose mothers wont let them live in the house. The Warui Inu will be offered by email lottery.  He is 7" high and 4" wide cast resin. Only this one of a kind blue and purple handpaint is available.It comes with a concrete block and metal chain and color art header.  $250. shipped in the US, international shipping additional.
( dont know if is a joke or not but i love this puppy)