sabato 26 maggio 2012

Only For King Zaurus (キングザウルス) Fans - Muruchi (ムルチ) Mattel Vs Original Version

On the Left Mattel Version, On the right Original Popy Version

you can see some differences:

- Mattel is littler 
- On the beginning of Tail of Mattel Version you can read that toy is made in Taiwan and by "POPY"
- On the beginning of Tail Version you can read that toy is made in Japan and by "ポピ"
- Pattern of colorway is different
- Details of skin are different: Mattel is very Rough, Popy more smooth


Thanx to popculturizm for let me use his photo

mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

AXEFACE BC by MosterHero avaiable this Weekend

more info here

Invader-X new head proto from Karzworks

via Karzworks FB page

Sasoritokagesu (from Masked Rider) - サソリトカゲス(仮面ライダーより)

more info here

Yellow Jaguar (from Kikaider android) - イエロージャガー(人造人間キカイダーより)

more info here

驚天動地 - Groundbreaking by Target Earth

more info here