giovedì 25 aprile 2013

Black Horse (from Kikaider) - ブラックホース(人造人間キカイダーより)

more info here

Beetle Kid (from Kamen Rider) - カミキリキッド(仮面ライダーより)

more info here

オイル怪獣タッコング - Oil monster Takkongu by ArtStorm

more info here

Fly Guy by Christopher Cannon

デモラー - Demora from Triton of the Sea

more info here

Chernobylies #6 by Topheroy x Monsterfarm

sabato 20 aprile 2013

It comes from Stars

Time ago i posted W.I.P photos of my toy inspired by a Cover of Inferno Sci-FI Grind'n'Roll.

Unlucly seems that that band doesnt exit anymore, fortunatly toy is here in Lab and now i show you the final project colored by the great Dedo.

A new Bunch of toys from the Lab

I'm really proud about my latest Works, all of them are for a Show that will be in Italy in June.
Ready to be send to Dedo for coloring.