mercoledì 31 agosto 2011

venerdì 5 agosto 2011

Squiddy limited edition - italian toy DIY is reality

"If you want you can do it" these are words i think when i see this toy. I saw all steps that Bol23 do to reach his target and now i can say "Good Work Dude!!!!"

more info here

The WARUI INU / ENVY edition

This bad dog is the best friend of Boryoku Genjin and all other kaiju who are hated by the cutesy-mongers.

This is a hand paint edition of 4 pieces in cast resin 7" high by 4" wide and comes with a concrete block, metal chain and color art header.

They will be offered by email lottery at $250. each shipped in the US, International shipping additional.

Email your name and address to : to enter the lottery to purchase Warui Inu. The 4 winners names will be chosen at random on WEDNESDAY August 10th