martedì 26 aprile 2011

Only for Barom1 Fan - Monsters From Episode 21 to 24

Since Episode 21 Doruge, cloning  himself, creates new monsters from the different parts of his body. Some of the monsters also have characteristics of animals mixed in. For example the monster in episode 26 has the head of a cuckoo bird and the monster in episode 30 has the legs of a crab.

In the episodes from 21 to 24 there are for me the best Mosters of all serie.

Is important to say that for each one of these mosters there are 2 version, one i called Old and another i call New. The new versions come in set of two and Old one are for single piece. Tne old version are more expensive than the New ones.

Kuchibiruge - クチビルゲ - Episode 21 and 35
( this is the old Version)

Hiyakumeruge - ヒャクメルゲ - Episode 22 and 35
( On left New Version on The right Old Version)

Nogeruge - ノウゲルゲ - Episode 23 and 35
( On left New Version on The right Old Version)

Udegeruge - ウデゲルゲ - Episode 24 and 35
(This is the Old Version )

(This is Udegeruge in scratch back version, scratch tools is in every pack so you can transform your toy in an usefull thing for your granma)

The Sets

- Kuchibiruge and Udegeruge ( these are the New Version. Toys  are taller than old ones)

- Hiyakumeruge and Nogeruge

For today is All Folks, see you the next time


lunedì 25 aprile 2011

Best birthday cake for a Bemon Collector

For his Birthday ( that day was few month ago) my young friend Rudebeast had probably the best Cake in the world:

Sorry for delay friend but you know that say "better late than never" 

Happy BirthDay Beast

sabato 23 aprile 2011

giovedì 21 aprile 2011

Behelit from Berserk avaiable on HobbySearch

I love the first issues of Berserk Manga and who read it can't forget the Behelit.
On HobbySearch you can preorder the magical Egg for  2,660 yen.

Two Versions


or King

mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

Kaiju for Japan Sale Goes Live: April 22nd @ 4:00pm EST

April 22 Make a Jump on

For a time you can buy great toys and do a good thing. And if you buy ours you make happy me and Dedo

So Buy !!! Buy!!! Buy!!!

Skinner x Shikaruna x Lulubell = Ultrus Bog

Today The Journey Begin

Ultrus Bog pre-orders online 4.27 at Noon Pacific at

I hope to see the figure, if it will be cool like the video i can't imagine....

martedì 19 aprile 2011

Max Toy 5th Anniversary Event

The final part of the Max Toy 5th Anniversary Celebration takes place this Saturday, April 23 at Double Punch, San Francisco !! 7pm -11pm !!

Besides this Friday via the Max Toy web store, Will be releasing the first fully painted Lady Maxx figure !!! Mark used more than 15 the paint masks to paint it !!!

domenica 17 aprile 2011

Only for Barom1 Fan - Monsters From Episode 17 to 20

Monster, Monster, Monster!!!!!! Only Few this time but Guys the Four Next have to be explained apart

Umiushige -  ウミウシゲ - Episode 17 and 35

Ammonillurge -  アンモナイルゲ - Episode 18 and 35

Yagogeruge - ヤゴゲルゲ - Episode 19

Sasoruge -  サソリルゲ - Episode 20

P.S i'm working on a sculpt that is a sort of tribute to this crazy serie... news soon....


Cheap China Toys the real taste of Kaiju

I found for few Euro these Dinos. Guys are very ugly but this remember me the old times...

venerdì 15 aprile 2011

Mayhem Picnic by Paul Kaiju

“Mayhem Picnic"  resin sets go on sale this Saturday at 12:00 PM PST!

Limited to 4 sets, each contains 4 hand painted resin figures exclusive to this set only!
Seagool, Patsy Batsy (magnetic feet), Biter Baby (back magnet), and Eel style Chibi Welt all in a very cool black box!

Each set will be $150.

mercoledì 13 aprile 2011

Priest - The movie

Soon in the theaters you can see Priest based on the manwa of Hyung Min Woo

These are the trailers

and here Animated Prologue (like Sucker Punch Animated Trailer will be better than entire Movie?)

But for me the Manwa is on a different planet....

GIANT SKULL BEAR by Crankmaggot

Crankmaggot  is a creative machine and if you follow his flickr Account you can see tons of creepy
monster, all sculpt are great but THIS is too funny:

! Frankenruge is here !

!! Frankenruge is here and this weekend will mark the first painted release since NYCC 2010 !!

- Frankenruge Homage cyclops monster Ollie, with silver chest chain.
- $150.00 plus shipping
- Will ship world wide
- Domestic Shipping will be $15.00 flat fee
- International shipping will be $ 45.00 

This release will be Lottery only !!

Lottery Details :

Lottery Begins : Saturday 12:01 AM 4/16/2011 EASTERN TIME
Lottery Ends : Saturday 11:59 PM 4/16/2011 EASTERN TIME

All winners will be chosen and notified on Sunday 4/17/2011

Please Send your entry to :

In the title please write : " Its Alive ! "

In the body please include :

If your a skullbrain member you SB name-

domenica 10 aprile 2011

Only for Barom1 Fan - Monsters From Episode 11 to 16

Prepare to meet other monsters:

Geijigeruge - ゲジゲルゲ - Episode 11 and 14


Kinokoruge - キノコルゲ - Episode 12 and 14


Takogeruge - タコゲルゲ - Episode 13 and 14


Arigeruge - アリゲルゲ - Episode 14


Minogeruge - ミノゲルゲ - Episode 15


Rangeruge - ランゲルゲ - Episode 16