domenica 29 maggio 2011

Life Size Kaiju Monsters by Carlos Enrique-Gonzales

Take a look to the incredible artworks of Carlos. I love his sculptures  in toy size version
but see them in this size is simply amazing. Someone should make TV serie using these
crazy characters

martedì 24 maggio 2011

Resin Toy Juried Show

We Will be Here, if our toys arrive to TAG (italian post service often is very awful) with all our production until now

- BubbolOne (special Event Colorway)

- Lord of Flies
- Lombriooo

This text is from T.A.G site

"Toy Art Gallery is proud to announce the Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show!
The Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show is open to any and all artists and
toymakers with an original resin toy. All entries will be judged by a
prestigious panel of toy art connoisseurs and winners will be awarded
fantastic prizes in a variety of categories! No entry fee required, but
there are a few caveats to participation.Requirements for entry:
- Must have examples of previous work (preferably resin)
- Must be original sculptor/creator of entry piece (no platforms/painting existing work)
- Up to three entries/pieces per artistDeadline for submission inquiries is May 15th, 2011.

Please submit all inquiries to, subject “Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show Submission”.

Panel of Judges include:
John Stokes (
Jeremy Brautman (
Ayleen Gaspar (
George Gaspar (
Julie B ( Submission Dealine is June 3rd, 2011.

The Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show opens June 10, 2011 and runs until July 1st."

lunedì 23 maggio 2011

Only for Barom1 Fan - A bunch of Vintage Photos

Before colse this tender moment i post some photo of our favourite Serie.
There isnt a order but only Great Vintage Toys and Article taken from Super7 Magazine

giovedì 19 maggio 2011

Red Demon Ollie

This Saturday marks the release of the Red Demon Ollie and MVH family !

There will be 2 options for this release :

1.) Store release :

At 12:00 PM Eastern on 5/21/11 there will be the MVH Family pack which is limited to 5 sets. The sets will be for sale in the MVH store shop area. The set includes 1 Ollie, 1 Sludge Demon and 2 different Doji Sans ( 1 demon mask, 1 cyclops mask ), all painted in the " Red Demon" colorway.

The set will be $350.00 plus shipping, and as usual I will ship world wide.

This family pack will be the only way to grab all figures as none of the Sludgies or Dojis will be sold separately.

As well, this will be the very last US resin Doji San release as the resin sculpt is now retired.

2.) Red Demon Ollie lottery :

Details :

- Red Demon Cyclops monster Ollie.
- $150.00 plus shipping
- Will ship world wide
- Domestic Shipping will be $15.00 flat fee
- International shipping will be $ 45.00 ( Sorry prices have sky rocketed and I only use EMS for international shipping)

Lottery Details :

Lottery Begins : Saturday 12:01 AM 5/21/2011 EASTERN TIME
Lottery Ends : Saturday 11:59 PM 5/21/2011 EASTERN TIME

All winners will be chosen and notified on Sunday 5/23/2011

Please Send your entry to :

In the title please write : " Burn baby burn "

In the body please include :

If your a skullbrain member you SB name-

Pics coming soon ! 

mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

Kaiju for Japan Project raise $5985

I'm so happy reading that Kaiju for Japan Project raise $5985 to donate to Direct Relief International.
more info on Troy "the hero"  Stith blog.

I can only say thanx to Troy


From Plaseebo site

"Molezilla is a new 7″ high art toy fig­ure that I want to pro­duce in soft vinyl as a lim­ited edi­tion for col­lec­tors. I have writ­ten the back­story, designed the fig­ure, cre­ated the sculpt and made a few hand cast resin pro­to­types.  Now I hope to raise the funds to pro­duce the vinyl edi­tion at a facil­ity here in the US.
What’s the big deal about being one of the first vinyl edi­tions to be pro­duced entirely in the US start to fin­ish ?  Well, since the 1960’s vinyl fig­ures have been almost exclu­sively pro­duced in Japan or China.  This project will be sup­port­ing the savvy new US com­pany Vera­cious Vinyl and keep­ing the work at home. It matters !
Like paint­ing and its big brother sculp­ture, I believe art toys can make valid state­ments about our soci­ety as well as being a col­lec­table. Molezilla makes his point in the back­story / fable that the fig­ure is based on."

If you want take part to this project go on  and give your contribution, more news about reward on

New Stephen Singer Project

I love this project, i want to see it realize as soon as possible !!!!

Good Luck Stephen

lunedì 16 maggio 2011

Kaiju Cyborg Mr.X ver.1

I love Elegab Toys but this is Awesome big and Bad but most of all Alien

You can buy it here 2 painted versions Avaiable A and B for 9400 yen plus Shipping or unpainted version for
5500 yen more info here

mercoledì 11 maggio 2011

Only for Barom1 Fan - Monsters From Episode 31 to 33

This is the last date with barom1 monsters, the next post will be about human charcters and vintage figure.

Kamigeruge - カミゲルゲ - Episode 31

Togegeruge - トゲゲルゲ - Episode 32

open version

close version

Mayugeruge - マユゲルゲ - Episode 33

In the next post we will meet

- Doruge Piero
- Antomen
- Old Wise
- Our Hero Barom 1

martedì 10 maggio 2011

Mondocoyote's Aliens are planning an invasion in Tokio




SAVE THE CITY, BUY AN ALIEN FOR 2500 YEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

lunedì 9 maggio 2011

super limited Unborn Nag

Mishka's crew is releasing a super limited amount of these lil’ homies at 350 Broadway at Midnight EST on May 8th. The store will re-open at 11pm with a lottery release at 12 midnight.
Each BG comes packaged with its own Mini Keep Watch New Era Cap, so your little monster fetus can swag himself out on the regular, and will retail for $499.99

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