mercoledì 18 maggio 2011


From Plaseebo site

"Molezilla is a new 7″ high art toy fig­ure that I want to pro­duce in soft vinyl as a lim­ited edi­tion for col­lec­tors. I have writ­ten the back­story, designed the fig­ure, cre­ated the sculpt and made a few hand cast resin pro­to­types.  Now I hope to raise the funds to pro­duce the vinyl edi­tion at a facil­ity here in the US.
What’s the big deal about being one of the first vinyl edi­tions to be pro­duced entirely in the US start to fin­ish ?  Well, since the 1960’s vinyl fig­ures have been almost exclu­sively pro­duced in Japan or China.  This project will be sup­port­ing the savvy new US com­pany Vera­cious Vinyl and keep­ing the work at home. It matters !
Like paint­ing and its big brother sculp­ture, I believe art toys can make valid state­ments about our soci­ety as well as being a col­lec­table. Molezilla makes his point in the back­story / fable that the fig­ure is based on."

If you want take part to this project go on  and give your contribution, more news about reward on

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