domenica 30 dicembre 2012

汁バァ (granny) & おっか山 (guy) (but are really names?) from Atom ArmWrestler

Time Ago i posted a photo of this strange figure. Now toys are ready and more photos are avaiable @
Atom ArmWrestler Blog .

(Super Sexy Mama)

Real Soft Vinyl Model Zophie by Marmit

more info here


I'm falling in love making Mash Up using Master figure.

Here a couple of Experiment i'm working on

Musferatu - Flying Version

Another Character of my MOTU Dino Serie

if you want collab with me send me a mail

やさしいごはんかいじゅう - Rice friendly monster

more info here

昭和ガメラシリーズ幻の怪獣 - Gara sharp large evil beast

more info here

sabato 8 dicembre 2012

Miska Records Present Snow Crash Tribute Album

For 20th Anniversary of one best Cyberpunk Book, Miska make a great gift to all of us:
an entire soundtrack album by Xander Harris inspired to the novel and perfect to have a trip in a
techno futuristic world.