mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

Goodleg Toys x Kaiju Lab "Lazer Saurs" dropping @ Midnite GMT+1 in the Goodleg shop

Taking from GoodLeg Toys Site:

"Shortly before a devastating meteor impact on Planet Prehis, a team of soldiers and scientists of the Dino-Men were sent into Space to find a place that was told to be the source of life: The so called "Forbidden Zone", palladium of the "Prima Materia", protected by an ancient ape civilization known as the Holo Apes. The crew’s hope was to gather the essence of life, return to Planet Prehis, and to save it from the fate the elders have foreseen. They were called the LAZER SAURS, and the future of Prehis lay in their hands!" Based on Kaiju Lab’s MotU mash-ups, each Lazer Saur comes hand painted and hand casted in dark red resin. Featuring laser gun, chest plate, and mech-arm in various 90’ish techno colors: neon yellow, translucent red, neon green, silver white, and neon blue. Articulated at neck and shoulders. Each piece comes bagged with header by Ralph Niese. First run will be limited to 5 pieces only and is boarding tonight (Midnight, GMT+1) over in the Goodleg shoppe!"

if is not clear i say you to BUY IT!!! so i can do other collab with GoodLeg Toys Guy :)