lunedì 24 ottobre 2011

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez -Epiphany Show@GBG ARTS,Caracas, Catalog SlideShow

Carlos send me a Signed Catalog of his first solo Show, i want to share this great gift with you, so...enjoy

P.S the Sculpt at page Vand VI are made of real Rotten Meat !!!!!

Week Start good with Anraku Video - part 4 , 5 & 6

It' s time to GOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Teaser From Latest Skull Toys' Sculpt

Monstock - the 4 puppet from Art Serie and Gamagurasu Toad

Make a Jump at MonstockBlog to have more info about order these crazy Characters


The 4 Puppet

Mr Patriot - Monstock x Touma

more info @ Monstock Blog

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

First Look to Dead Elvis Bust the latest Sculpt of Kozik

These are some photos of Kozik latest bust that will be avaiable during 2012, one day i will start to collect all these pieces of art.

via J.ME

Lobster Motorcycle

Is not a Really toy but an incredible creation of Taiwanese Chef Huang Mingbo made using real shells of lobster.

via Tofufu facebook page

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

The Tooth Fairy by PaulKaiju

New great shoot of latest Paul's Sculpt in this case the level of ability increase with opening chest and innards. Simply Great

Hierophany - Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez x Lamour Supreme x Mishka

Exclusive Version painted by LamourSupreme  for Misha Shop of  this great Sculpt By Carlos.

 Toy is still Avaiable Here

martedì 18 ottobre 2011

Monkey Man by UMA

Quite difficult to me understand japanese language so i can post only photos and direct link for this cool figure


Monster Kara - Grody Shogun x Kaiju Korner

Avaiable @ KaijuKorner Monster Kara, based on Grody Shogun Toy. Monster Kara could reach your home in a lot of version, cause different type of heads and arms.

Toys will arrive with print, if you choose unpainted Kara the print will be Black&White, if you choose painted Version the print will be colorfull, very funny.

to order your Monster Kara make a jump here and remember: the ordening window is now open and close in the next 24 hours.

martedì 11 ottobre 2011