martedì 25 giugno 2013

Gamaboira (from Kamen Rider V3) - ガマボイラー(仮面ライダーV3より)

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Gold Wolf (from Kikaider) - ゴールドウルフ(人造人間キカイダーより)

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ブルーダ & ゴルセノス - Buruda & Gorusenosu from Triton of the Sea

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Locals Only Show

 The  triple threat, GUUMON,Mechavirus and Buildbots  are having a show at Monster Kolor studios starting Satuday June 29th through August 3rd.
Expect some badass pieces in this show, the show “Locals Only” opening is from 7 until 11pm and.. will no doubt be a show worth going to.
Monster Kolor Studios is located at, 54 Center St. Middleboro and is open by appointment only. The show features one offs and customs by Brian Mahony GUUMON, Will Long Buildbots Todd Robertson Mechavirus. Pieces from the show ill be made available for sale online after the opening through Monster Kolor.
This is the first show of many to come at Monster Kolor Studios, a newer venue created by Matt Walker owner of Monsterkolor paints. Anyone who I’ve talk to always say the new space is nice, great features of Resin, Vinyl, and Robot related pieces, plus a great place to pick up any of the sick Monster Kolor paints, dyes, markers and more…..
This east coast triad never fails to amaze, should be a great show.
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giovedì 20 giugno 2013

O.I.P. -Operation In Progress - Resin Kit

more info about toy here, for artist info go here

Warui Inu African Fetish U.S Edition Lottery

The  Fetish US edition is 6 1/2" high, cast in a marbled green and olive vinyl made in Japan and each figure has a unique collection of authentic vintage African beads, amulet's and talismans collected from Africa in the 1960's. No two are alike.
6 pieces will be offered at $220. USD each plus shipping.
To enter the lottery for a chance to purchase one of the FETISH Warui Inu, send your NAME, ADDRESS, and EMAIL address to: