sabato 31 dicembre 2011

Only For King Zaurus (キングザウルス) Fans - Made by Popy - The Mattel versions A.K.A Godzilla Gang Serie

In the late 70's Mattel obtained the right to distribute toys for Popy. Mattel chose 8 articulated figures: 7 from Ultraman Monsters and Godzilla. The Mattel Versions have some differences from the originals:

- Figures are Smaller
- Little Differences in the sculpt
- Mattel toys are made in Taiwan and Brand Popy is written in Western Characters. Originals are made in Japan and Popy Brand is written in Kanji,  (ポピ)

Here the Godzilla Gang Flyer and Header 

next time: comparison between Original Figures and USA Versions

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