lunedì 18 giugno 2012

Skelemon - Bemon Custom By Dedo


and now  final custom  version....-pop...+dark for rudebeast my fucking skullbrainer friend.

No Words About this Super Custom, if you like you can see other Dedo'Custom here or here,i posted others Custom Bemon time ago here and here....maibe, for me it's like a spayderman colours look.
Perhaps, for me is like a look spayderman colors, so I do not understand, do not understand, I am confused, so it's all the same color ..... but .... how many colors there are, 3?, maybe 4?.bastardddddddssssss.......but I do not do  I say ... four ... and if there are others around me .... I've never seen (for me they are hidden) .... there is a conspiracy against me .... to fuck me!
I will never again say the word "color" ... so you learn to obfuscate me ... shit!
sig, sob, I have to take a collect shells on the beach due to search.

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